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#YaJagoff Podcast

Episode 79, Porch Podcast #2 With WTAE’s Ray Petelin and Tyler & Brandi Kennedy

July 25, 2017

#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode 79 “Porch Tour Stop #2, With WTAE’s Ray Petelin and Tyler Brandi Kennedy”

The 2017 Summer Porch Tour presented by JD Waterproofing stops in Rural Ridge! Because of the rain, we hung out in Amy’s garage where, once again, we had tons of food made by her and the neighbors to go with the Ricci’s Sausage that we brought. WTAE-TV meteorologist Ray Petelin came with us and so did Brandi and Tyler Kennedy. So it rained a bit but, our buds from Everyone Loves Fun Entertainment STILL had something to entertain everyone! Mimosas from The Foundry Table Tap were flowing early again.

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes: Episode Music: Justin Wade and Bobby of the Justin Wade Band hung out playing original and cover tunes.


Total Sports Enterprises has mini helmets, pictures, clothing and more in black and gold and beyond with athlete signings in Virginia, Chicago, as well as Pittsburgh. Visit to see where TSE will be this summer like the Pirates fan fave Adam Frazier who will be signing at the Mall at Robinson on August 5. Total Sports Enterprises has all of your sports needs since every day is game day at TSE.
Erin from Everyone Loves Fun Entertainment brought a popcorn machine and all kinds of games to keep everyone entertained. Total Sports Enterprises gave Amy an official Pirates banner.

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Meet our 2nd porch tour winner, Amy who, has an unbelievably scary basement full of horror film pics and props! The phrase of the day, “Don’t go in the basement!”


Ray Petelin is no stranger to the podcast. And, no stranger to being called on the carpet for bad weather. But wait… did he say he was a DJ rapper and, what is the secret phrase, that must be repeated 3 times, to stop the rain???


Tyler and Brandi Kennedy found the blue tent and garage. Tyler is working with the Pens, teaching in-line hockey skills and, on August 5th and 6th, is holding a Youth Dek Hockey Tournament at the North Hills Dek Hockey rink. If interested, email:
Brandi has started a new on-line clothing store based upon her taste for monochrome styles. It’s named for her daughter, Cookie Couture Clothing.


Justin Wade and Bobby, who have been entertaining everyone from the corner of the garage talk about the band, their newly release single, Four Wheels, and their upcoming single, Your Name. See them play live at these dates/locations.

Thanks to all of the Porch Tour prize peeps

Everyone Loves Fun Entertainment Ricci’s Italian Sausage

8-foot Steelers Banner from our weekly sponsor, Total Sports Enterprises

Passes for The Arcade Comedy Theater

From Fame 15 Creative, Tickets to the 2nd Annual Crosstown Cookout!

Tasty Treats from Mary Mac Bakehouse

One Night Stay, The Allegheny Inn

Cinnamon Bread Treats from 5 Generation Bakers

From Revive Marketing Group,Passes to Pittsburgh Pierogi Fest

Passes to Scarehouse

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