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It’s a Very Braddock Episode

January 23, 2018

It is not only a milestone podcast, as it is the inaugural episode for the fireplace tours, but it is a BIG Braddock boasting. All of Braddock’s finest are gathered at the newest food phenom, Superior Motors to talk the latest goings on in the east part of the city including art galleries and theater, a political run, and the best new eatery in town.

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Episode Music, Greywalker, “The Wolf and I


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Question of the Day

What’s worse… to be hot or cold?


Patrick Jordan, owner of Barebones Productions is our host at the Black Box Theater, gearing up for the next show, “Rules of Seconds,” which starts January 26th. He discusses the uniqueness to a blackbox theater as part of a chic eatery, and the niche neighborhood Braddock is becoming.


Jeb Feldman from the Unsmoke art space in Braddock. Originally from California, he was in Braddock and now making it an eclectic town with a need for art display.


Chef Kevin Sousa, Superior Motors, wanted to be a tattoo artist, hated the job and started cooking at age 27. What is it about Braddock? The impetus for change is his motivation. His thoughts on the Anthony Bordain visit?


Giselle Fetterman, creator of the Braddock “Free Store” and the 412 Food Rescue. She starts with a romantic story… was John doing yoga when they first met? She introduces a new project supporting female entrepreneurs.


Lieutenant Governor candidate and current Mayor of Braddock, John Fetterman. Who runs for second-in-charge? John does and he’s looking to change the office as the next step in government, but admits he and Giselle could be interchangeable.


Thanks to Andy Sheehan… what happens if he randomly shows up at your house asking for directions? Can’t be more thankful that he came on to hang out with us. True professional!

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