Friday, February 26, 2021

Current YaJagoff! Podcast Episode

Summary: This crew gives meaning to the term ‘ahrn’ horses. With open arms, Iron House Theater creator and owner London Cain, and his carpenter partner Doug, hosted the jagoffs along with professional coach extraordinaire, Felicia Mycyk, Pittsburgher of the...

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#YaJagoffPodcast/ Construction Junction Function  

Summary: Recycle, reuse and repeat, ya jagoff. The message is common among CJ partners like PRC and Off the Floor, to support and promote conservation through the reuse of...
YaJagoff Podcast from Steel City Craft Emporium

#YaJagoffPodcast/ A Steel City PodCRAFT 

Summary: What do you get when you mix a podcast with a craft emporium? The funny Mike Zydel and Jack Welsh from Greenfield’s Finest Podcast, hair gurus Emilio...

#YaJagoffPodcast/ Sending out an SOS Podcast  

Summary: Neville Island’s secret gem, the Vault Recording Studio, served as the recording studio to multiple Pittsburgh area musicians, led by Eric Rodger, who recorded the SOS song...
YaJagoff Podcast Pittsburgh Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast/ Liberty Pole: Not Your Average Watering Hole  

Summary: Sand and snow, and a drive to Washington County, brought blogger gone author Karyn and Mr. Locke to meet the digital guru who...
Pittsburgh Podcast 2021 Fireplance Tour #2

#YaJagoffPodcast/ J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour Visit #2 Murph’s Turf  

Summary: Chris Murphy and work partner Vince Merlina are helping live music venues to regain their stages, Katie Dudas and Elyse Levkulic AKA Burgh Nosh, are helping the local food scene curb their menus with...

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