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Summary: The official wearin’ o’ the green day finds John and Rachael mobile in the middle of the 2nd biggest St. Paddy’s Day parade in the country, right here in dahntahn Pittsburgh! So, we shamrocked and green tinseled a...

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#YaJagoff Podcast / The Foodtruck A-Palooza

Summary: The food truck has become the end all--be all of favorite eateries in Pittsburgh, and the variety excites ‘burghers even more. So, the...


Episode Summary: Believe it or not YaJagoff dressed in the finest digs and dared the red carpet. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield presented "Lights!...

#YaJagoff Podcast / The 3rd Fireplace Tour With GeekWire

Listen to This week's Podcast! Summary: Showin’ off our North Side stuff to Geekwire! Robert Miles and the Allegheny Inn hosted us and our guests...

School Yard Blues Jagoffs

  YaJagoff Podcast host, Rachael Rennebeck wrote today’s blog post. John is slacking again! We live four-and-a-half minutes from the elementary school. That is 270 seconds,...

#YaJagoff Podcast / The 2nd Fireplace Tour at Wapello Street in Brighton Heights

Summary: The 2nd stop on the Ya Jagoff fireplace tour was in the Brighton Heights area of Pittsburgh’s Northside. The Frankovich’s opened their home...

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