Saturday, September 19, 2020

Current YaJagoff! Podcast Episode

Summary: John and Rachael help celebrate Aunt Marie’s 100th birthday, and who else to celebrate anything 100 than the Heinz History Center’s President and CEO, Andy Masich, who ‘Doc Brown’s’ us to the Roaring 20’s Plus, Amy Mauk of Entercom walks us through the...

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YaJagoff Podcast With The bubba show

#YaJagoffPodcast/The Final J&D Waterproofing Porch Tour at Mel’s Cabana

Summary: John and Rachael Zoom chat Shawn from J&D Waterproofing about last minute summer repairs, then jag around Zoom style with Michael Campayno about...
YaJagoff Podcast With Bentley Pittsburgh

#YaJagoffPodcast/The GQ Podcast (Golden Quill)

Summary: The premiere Bentley Pittsburgh hosted the Ya Jagoff GQ guests of honor who helped Rach and John make it as two finalists for...
YaJagoff Podcast The JAggerz

YaJagoffPodcast/Porch Tour #3 A Heavenly Hang Out

Summary: The J&D Waterproofing Porch tour #3 is at Rach’s parents where two jags and a few Jaggerz talked old school music and learned...
YaJagoff Podcast Pittsburgh YMCA

#YaJagoffPodcast/Porch Tour #2 The Hay Days of Jay

Summary: The J&D Waterproofing Porch tour #2 is a much-needed repeat at Jay’s. Our Mazda Monday man gets dirt dished from his real estate...
YaJagoff Podcast Collage of Guests

#YaJagoffPodcast/Porch Tour #1 at the Pierce Place in Worshington County  

Summary: John and Rachael kick off the first porch tour visit of the J&D Waterproofing Porch Tour 2020 at the Pierce place with Shaun, Colleen, Jim and the rest of...

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