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Jagoffs Eatin’ and Drinkin’ at Lincoln

November 24, 2020

The Jagoffs walk by the Bellevue brewery daily and finally get to grab a growler and graze on some famous apps while talking Bellevue, beer and burgers with co-owners Grant and Lisa, actor DonMike along with Mark Mammone and Joe Bardakos of Bridge City Brinery.

MUSIC: Music from KDKA Radio Musical “On Air”
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Question of the Day:

Most annoying piece of advice for what you should do next?

5:29 Grant and Lisa

Co-owners Grant and Lisa of Lincoln Avenue Brewery finish each other’s sentences, after all, they are teenage sweethearts who shared most of their pickle dip recipe with us.  As Bellevue natives, the duo discusses shaking the dry town stigma and focus on brews, brunch and more as the brewery sails into two years of celebrating community success all while helping other local businesses!

20:42 DonMike

Co-founder and Executive Artistic Director at La Ti Do Productions, DonMike boasts with a flight of brews about how the new musical “On Air” went from an on-stage musical to a totally virtual experience in thanks to Creative Cauldron, Duquesne University, and KDKA. It streams through December 13 so watch it right here

39:25 Bridge City Brinery, Mark Mammone and Joe Bardakos

Co-owners of Bridge City Brinery Mark and Joe laugh it up and provide not your run-of-the-dill pickle, esteemed River Water, and more as they take pickling by storm with unique flavor and technique. Find their products in various locations like 52 and Street Market, Penn Mac Co. and more.

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