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YaJagoff “Live” is Coming! Get in Front of Your Screen on Wednesday!

YaJagoff Live Coming with Comedians and Musicians

Corona has created a Groundhog Day pattern.  Remember the Bill Murray movie based on our Punxsutawney tradition where each day is repeated?  Well, welcome to Day 7 of social distancing, that could feel like an eternity. Wake up, eat, work, get some fresh air (solo) wash hands, and repeat.  

 While social media has brought us live performances since the current quarantine, we thought we would create a package with some good ol’ Pittsburgh giveback to it.  So, starting THIS Wednesday, we will host a comedian and a musician produced by Side Kick Media Services at Sorgatron studios….so that means it is livestreamed peeps!  Better yet, Pittsburgh small businesses Higgins Painting and KB Plumbing are sponsoring the live performances.   

 Translation: performers get paid to perform since their shows have been canceled due to the Corona curse.  For 45 minutes over the next four Wednesdays, you will see comedians with musicians perform live at 7:30 p.m on the YaJagoff Facebook Page ( Did we mention you can support further since there will be a Paypal or Venmo option throughout the show? 

 That is the scoop, tune-in, grab some snacks and a cold fill in the blank, laugh a little and jam out to local artists.  Then do it again every Hump Day at 7:30 p.m. until April 15. So what do you get when you mix comedians, musicians, John & Rachael and Sidekick Media?  Ya Jagoff LIVE, ya jagoffs! Go to! 

March 25: Collin Chamberlin and Living With Monsters 

April 1: Samantha Bentley and Jess Klein 

April 8Ray Zawodni and Byron Nash 

April 15Aaron Kleiber and Justin Wade Kalcevic 

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