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Winter Driving Jagoffery

Pittsburgh Podcast Rialto Street

In case you didn’t know, Rialto Street, which connects Route 2 with the Troy Hill section of the City.  Some think it’s the steepest hill in the City. It is not. It’s ONLY a 25% grade! “Only!”

But it’s so steep, that the public works and public safety folks block it off when the weather gets SLIPPY.  But maybe some days the public works folks don’t get out to the street immediately when the nasty weather hits so drivers might have to use their common sense.. and NOT try to take take the shortcut down the hill.

Well, this person didn’t seem to have that common sense to day, “This looks a little dicey. Maybe I should go the longer way.” Therefore, they ended up sideways! Story on

The good news is, you only ended up sideways, at a 25% grade, sliding down that hill could have put ya in a bad spot at the bottom. Remember, it’s not the movement that hurts ya, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom, YaJagoff!

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