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Windshield Washer Fluid Jagoffery

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It never fails. The washer fluid runs out at the most inopportune time as you’re riding down a highway.  If you’re lucky, you have a bottle of washer fluid with you. Hopefully it’s a bottle that you purchased for $2 in the non-peak season vs. the $5.64 gallon bottle that I bought as the snow was melting and splashing.

But here’s the deal. Why are there 10 hot dogs and only 8 buns?  That’s an age-old question but the NEW question is: why don’t they make windshield washer fluid containers in 1-gallon capacity?

My washer fluid reservoir was = to the initials for mountain… M-T!  Like dryer than the sludge caked on my car. So I purchase a 1-gallon bottle of fluid to refill the thing. As it turns out, my empty container is not 1-gallon. As my car reservoir is topped off and overflowing, I have a few ounces of fluid left in the bottle. It’s like my kids used to leave milk.. too much to finish it but not enough to keep! Who wants a bottle of 6oz of washer fluid laying around for the next few months?

Sooo.. instead of wasting it, I dumped it on the windshield and ran the wipers!

We have cars that talk to you, monitor cars next to you, brakes for you and some even drive by themselves BUT.. we can’t make a washer fluid reservoir that holds 6 more ounces of washer fluid YaJagoffs?

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