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Armpit Hair…Why I am Glad That Summer is OVER!!


Yayy!!!  Summer is over.  I can’t say that I’m all that excited about putting more clothes on and having cold wind and rain run down the back of my neck but, I am glad that some people will be forced to put on more clothes.

Tank tops and/or muscle shirts for men have become a thing again.  That’s OK, I guess, except for these people: the guys who wear tank tops and use any one, or all, of the following as an underarm antiperspirant/anti-body odor agent: baby powder, gooey or white stick deodorant, or spray deodorant that makes that frost-like substance..all of which clump one’s armpit hair and show as a white, underarm paste!

Part of the issue is, when I was an early teen, I had an uncle that would put me in a headlock and tug the short-hairs on the back of my neck!  Doesn’t sound bad?  Keep this in mind, he WAS over weight, he only wore a tank-top style t-shirt… around the house and in public places… and he sweated worse than a Kardashian sister that was told to get a REAL JOB.  Get it now?  Yeah, a headlock meant that my face was in my uncles’s stinky, hairy armpit usually smeared against the RIGHT GUARD aerosol residue that
had collected on the tips of his armpit hairs.

So, part of the reason that I hate the tank-topped, cakey-airmpit-hair look is I am scarred!  The other part….it completely disgusts me!  Especially when I’m in the grocery store and see these guys reaching up to shelves to get stuff…cakey-armpit-hair in full view.  I’m afraid to reach for something below them for fear that some piece of deodorant cakey-ness will drop on me!

For those of you new to the blog, you know I have body-hair issues.  See my hot-tub post from a few years ago here.

In closing… (so that I can get rid of the nausea induced by writing this and looking at the above picture) I’m not REALLY happy that it’s getting colder but I am ECSTATIC that the cakey-armpit hairs will once again be covered.

Guys with tank tops….get up to speed on these deodorant/antiperspirant things that are clear OR contemplate a WAX, Ya Jagoffs!


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