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Who Gets $1,000???? – Special Post

Some of you have been following since we started in January.  Some have been following since we started on Facebook in March and some just started within the last few months so let’s catch up.

When we started selling our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirts, we said we would put the proceeds toward breast cancer research, given that our family has benefited from the research in a GREAT way!

Most of you may know that, the Mrs. did not know about this blog OR about us selling t-shirts to make a donation to breast cancer research in her name.  I had promised that, once we hit t-shirt proceeds of $1,000, I would reveal what I have been working on here to my wife AND donate the $1,ooo to a research center of her choice.

Well, we’ve made it! (Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!)

The Mrs…well…. was not too sure what to think at first, but once she saw the CBS-Pittsburgh Most Valuable Blogger thing and the followers it was good.  Of course, letting her know now that $1,000 was going to be donated to honor HER courage, well………..(easier than taking a picture of a Jagoff in the City of Cleveland.)

Bottom line it’s all good!!

1) The above check is going to: Magee-Womens Foundation: Supporting Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research

      (click here for webpage or here for Facebook page)

2) I NOW don’t have to explain why I’m ALWAYS on the computer!!!

3) T-shirt sale proceeds will continue to benefit Magee-Womens Foundation: Supporting Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research

4) This coming week we will begin to sell other YaJagoff items in our store including:

5) I’m allowed to keep writing the blog (since I PROMISED the Mrs. that she has not been the subject of any of the posts)

6) During Thanksgiving Week thru the first week of December, we have a HUGE event happening on the website.

We are rounding up celebrity guest bloggers a week or so.

We are rounding up celebrity autographed “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirts for an on-line auction (yes, we have two from Billy Gardell)

All proceeds of the auction will benefit the Magee-Womens Foundation: Supporting Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research’ Sunday so get on with your day.  Make sure you add yourself to our mailing list so that you don’t miss any info on the upcoming celebrity posts, auction and new products and, of course, JAGOFFS!

Thanks to everyone that follows. Get those cameras ready for some Halloween Jagoffs! (The site now has a new “I caught a Jagoff” submission form here)

Feel free to continue to invite your friends—-we LOVE a crowd!  The next milestone we have to figure out is when we have to reveal who we are to ALL OF YOU!!! (Submit a comment below when YOU think we should do it.)

It’s also Steelers Sunday so, talk all ya want Tommy Brady-bunch, you’re gonna need serious hot-tub time tonight, Ya Jagoff!!!

NOTE: There’s still one more day left in Breast Cancer Awarness Month so remember to “Check your humps for lumps!” 





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