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When Does Posting About 3 Rivers Stadium Make You a Jagoff?

YaJagoff Blog Post

Well….The Rib Fest in Pittsburgh is cool.  Hanging out at Heinz Field eating ribs is even more cool. And posting about it is awesome but…..

So the picture is the DoubleTree Hotel’s Instagram promotional pic about hanging at the Rib Fest. All of it totally Pittsburgh and totally awesome.. EXCEPT… as one from Pittsburgh would know… that ain’t Heinz Field. It is obviously, to any Pittsburgher, a pic of the sacred 3 Rivers Stadium which, in case anyone who runs the Pittsburgh DoubleTree Hotel’s social media is reading this, was imploded back in February, 2001!

Uh-ho.. did someone google “Where the Steelers Play,” “House of pain,” or “The Home of the Steelers?”  Which one would actually get ya to a 3 Rivers Stadium?

Hey DoubleTree… first.. your cookies are awesome! Second, please don’t post a pic of Steelers Coach Chuck Noll prepping for the upcoming season opener game with the Patriots. Aaaaanddd.. ya might wanna have someone who knows Pittsburgh help a bit with your social media?

Look.. we get it.. everyone makes mistakes. So, our recommendation to rectify this? Please distribute a dozen of your scrumptious, famous, warm, chocolate chip cookies to everyone in Western Pennsylvania! Start with US first! That will help us forget about this little Heinz/3 Rivers faux pas very quickly….Ya Jagoffs (used in the term of endearment manner!)

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