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What Aggravates Me John Knight

We’ll Have Another Round

Welcome to our regular Saturday feature “What Aggravates Me”

By Comedian John Knight

Late April and early May is almost the same every year. Too much rain, making it almost impossible to keep up with the lawn mowing. Temperatures unable to decide if its spring or still winter. Oh, and the Penguins knocking the Capitals out of the playoffs.

This has become almost an annual tradition here in Pittsburgh. You can count on it the same way you can count on Penn Dot closing every major highway in the spring.

Washington tried their best. There was Alec Ovechkin and Matt Nikasen’s mugging of Sidney Crosby in game three. Ovechkin hit him over the head with his stick while attempting to trip him. If you do that to somebody on the street, there’s a trial and prison time. Ovechkin didn’t even get a penalty. That’s not the only thing he didn’t get. He also won’t be getting the Stanley Cup.

Oh, sure… the Capitals did win the President’s trophy. But, who wants that? All it can do is send out insane tweets and contradict itself.

You almost have to feel bad for Washington. I know it’s hard to do but, maybe they should get something. Like they do for those children that can’t hit, catch, kick, run or do anything athletic.

The parents still have them participate in sports in those leagues that don’t keep score. They’re teaching their children that nobody loses as long as they participate. Oh yeah, tell that to Pirates fans…those 98 wins seem a lot longer than two years ago, don’t they?

That’s why I think they should give the Capitals a “Participation Trophy.” This way, at least they get something for trying.

Nothing great, just a cheap trophy with a hockey player on top. Eventually the stick will break off or warp and bend, but it’s the thought that counts.

So, once again it’s a hockey night in Pittsburgh. In Washington, it’s a train wreck. Enjoy!

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