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Welcome Anthrocon to Pittburgh… Sorry for the Screw-up

YJ-FleuryWell… sometimes I’m a little clueless.  Like… sometimes I write the letters Bae.. thinking that I sound like a hip-hop kinda young’in throwin’ down a shortened slang form of the word BABE.  But that ain’t correct.  I finally stopped using it after my kids told me what “BAE” really meant.  And then I pulled my pants and belt up over my underwear and jumped back into my minivan.

Well, I was all up in the social media grille, layin’ down some tweets and saw that there was a huge convention coming to Pittsburgh this weekend.  As usual, I read a couple of tweets kind of quickly without paying attention to the details and said, “I need to be a part of this somehow.

The problem is, I completely mis-read the tweets so, I ended up downtown, yesterday, fully expecting to see a huge group of Marc Andre FLEURY conventioneers and enthusiasts…like, people dressed in attire like:

But nope!  I didn’t blend in at all!!  Nor did I have any idea why it was suggested that, along with my newly purchased goalie equipment, I was supposed to bring a litter pan!

Well…now I have to reboot before the Anthrocon Parade tomorrow. If you’re my neighbor, I may ask to borrow your cat to stick into my pants pockets so the tails hang out.

In the meantime, please let me know if anyone is currently looking for some brand-new, only used for 2 hours, custom goalie equipment, Ya Jagoffs!

(Some good news: I sold the litter pan for a $40 margin on Penn Avenue!)

Thanks to @GenoFan on twitter for letting us “adapt” his photo.