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Grilling Dinner In Bellevue Boro?? Step Away From The House!

Not sure who knows about this from Bellevue. It comes originally from the Trib’s Eric Hyle.  Here’s a short snippet:

…<Bellevue>  borough council recently passed an ordinance banning grilling within 5 feet of dwellings, property lines or combustible materials. The new law is going to require many people who have their grills on their decks, or next to the woodpile near those old paint thinner containers and kerosene-covered rags, to either move them or….

… Those who violate the law face a fine of as much as $1,000.

Full Story HERE

Marty Griffin at KDKA-Radio then picked up the story… see Marty explain it in the video.

So like Marty said in the video, there’s going to be a big “cook-out” protest in front of the Bellevue Municipal Building, Thursday, July 12 from 9am-1pm.  So what we’re saying is you can eat FREE FOOD as a protest…haaa.. (this works much better for us than any kind of hunger strike!)

In the meantime, we’re seizing this as an opportunity to sell a new product:

Today we are announcing the sale of the ultimate “Bellevue Boro Grilling Kit!”  The grilling tools are actually 6-feet long so that you can stand on your deck or under your porch awning and reach your burgers out in the middle of your yard to flip them … all in within compliance of the new ordinance!!!

The kit also comes complete with a special apron that holds the standard chef-ery essentials BUT also holds:

  •  a tape measure so that you can assure ordinance compliance every minute that you’re grilling!!!
  •  a pen JUST IN CASE someone shows up with a citation for you to sign….key point.. it’s filled with that disappearing ink like you had in 5th grade!!!

Sooooooo.. if you live in Bellevue, and you have a small yard, with a garage and a deck, you may actually have to move your grill to the middle of the street to cook dinner to by 5 feet away from anything.  If do you that, consider taking some traffic-dodging lessons from the “flower guy” that stands in the middle of traffic along Route 65 at the Rox Bridge every day!!!!

To the folks that complained about this, we are sympathetic that you may have a “condition.”  But was this REALLY the right way to go about addressing the issue?  Even more, to the Bellevue Boro politicians that wasted valuable time to vote this in, what’s next on the meeting agenda, a heated discussion about dishing out noise pollution citations to the kids that stick baseball cards in their bicycle-wheel spokes just cuz someone can’t hear their “la cucaracha” wind chimes , Ya Jagoffs!!

Author’s Note: Don’t blame the good guys.. the Bellevue Mayor and Fire Department are not behind this new ordinance.

Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts.  Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Hospital.

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