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Pittsburghers Love Their Wahlburgers

Pittsburghers support the longevity of the Boston Marathon, and we love ourselves the famous baked beans.  Thousands of yinzer ladies, who grew up hearing ‘Hangin’ Tough,’ may still have crushes on Donnie from NKOTB.  Not to mention the adult crushes on actor and wellness extraordinaire, Mark Wahlberg. 

So, no surprise when those brothers, along with Wahlberg brother, Paul, opened Wahlburgers in Pittsburgh.  The first location at the Block at Northway opened in 2017 with many nebby yinzers wondering what this Boston establishment was abaht. The nebbiness helped secure another location in Robinson, right at the mall. 

Expect burgers made with family recipes like their signature wahl sauce or government cheese, after all, that is what the 9 siblings knew so why not share?  

They are known for specialty burgers, like the Our Burger, which is a 1/3 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, government cheese, Paul’s house made signature wahl sauce & pickles. 

But when in the Burgh, the Pierogi Burger is the must-have as it contains a Mrs. T pierogi and served on a Mancini’s bun. (The flag will prove it.)   

House made dressings and onion straws perfect some of the green scenes, known as wahlbowls, but the tots tend to be the toppers, available regularly and as sweet. 


The new app options like spinach and parm wahlbites and tot flights are all the rage, especially when paired with a frappe of course…and maybe a Moat’s Float will make an appearance this summer thanks to retired Steeler Arthur Moats. 

When at the malls, shop and then go wahl out.  You will be wahlways thankful. 


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