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A little vaca blog post from Rachael.

I have had sunburn, sun blisters, sun poisoning, and never a suntan.  Nope, this is not a sun support message….rather a SON make fun message.  I mean not really make fun because what kind of a mom would I be? 

Having a fair complexion my WHOLE life has forced me to apply and reapply sunscreen SPF 500 Max when it is even overcast in Pittsburgh, let alone at the beach. So, short of pinning and applying to my son with an olive complexion, consider the many warnings.  What do you think happened next? 

  1. He played some kind of beach hockey game and haphazardly sprayed sunscreen leaving his back look a mess. 
  2. He is an artist practicing a unique scene and thought his back was the best place to use as his canvas? 
  3. His brother who has made this blog more than once sprayed a design on his back intentionally while lying face down and as it burned and created an odd graffiti thing pointed and made the rest of the beach aware? 

If you guessed number one with a little truth from number three you are correct. He used spray and didn’t quite lather up, then his brother proceeded to point out the design to every person on the beach.  Hmmmmmm the joys of family vacationing. Guess who uses the lotion kind of sunscreen now?  If you guessed my son graffiti back, ding, ding, ding, you are correct, ya jagoff! 

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