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Trailer for Sale or Rent

Dumb Criminals Jagoff Blog

Is that title too old of a reference or does everyone know that old song?

The answer is, the trailer is NOT for sale because it’s not owned by the guy trying to sell it!

  • Here’s the summary of the article from the
  • Guy has a trailer parked on his property.
  • Same guy notices people snooping around said trailer so he hold them at gun point and calls the cops.
  • Guy, Brandon K., shows up to “sell” the trailer to the snoopers but, he doesn’t own the trailer!

Here’s the icing on the trailer, “Police filed a drug charge against Brandon K. after, they say, he left a bag with suspected methamphetamine inside the vehicle used to transport him to the station for questioning.”

B-man….good try but…gotta be a smarter criminal, wait.. alleged criminal.. if ya wanna play in that lane. For now, thanks for being a dumb ALLEGED criminal so that we could have something to post on our blog, YaJagoff!

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