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Don’t Throw Rocks When Ya Live in a Glass House

Traffic stop jagoff

Don’t throw rocks ..when you live in a glass house… and don’t ask the cops to “hurry up” with your traffic stop if ya ALLEGEDLY have something to hide!

Here’s the article with all of the details but this is the skinny:

  • Guy was pulled over for allegedly speeding.
  • Police realized that he had “modified” his license plate with some electrical tape.
  • While all of this was going on, the driver asked police to hurry up and started to, as the report says, sweat profusely.
  • Police realizing that their man might not be going through menopause and may be a little nervy, decided to check out the vehicle a little further.
  • Welp, they found a gun, some dope and, of course, a criminal record which precludes the driver from having a gun or drugs!

Dude! Are you a teenager with your electrical-tape-on-the-license-plate routine?  And, we suggest, no type of career in the CIA because of your lack of ability to act under pressure.  You sweated profusely!!

Sounds like being in jail might be the safest place for ya at this point in your fragile life, Ya Jagoff!

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