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Tough Parking Sitch in Virginia

Bad Parking Jagoff

Virginia may be for lovers but, as you will see from the pic and the note below, Virginia is NOT for expectant mothers!  Well, at least at this Wegmans!

This is the note that came with the pic:

I found this fabulous parking job at a grocery store (Wegmans) near me. Even though it was 95 degrees, apparently expectant mothers and parents with small kids should just suck it up and walk a little more! 

Why can’t drivers figure out how to pull their pickups  into one parking space and why do they believe it’s okey-dokey to straddle s parking spots? The SJIU (Special Jagoffs Investigate Unit) crew has been sent to hook up with the Virginia Authorities to investigate what kind of empty garbage can emergency was going on for this driver.

So until the SJIU research comes in, let’s just say…Pick-up-er PeterParkers, learn how to park  before we sentence you to parallel parking with a manual transmission, with an overly full bladder with an electrical wire attached to your underoos on Pittsburgh’s famous Sycamore Street, Ya Jagoff!!

Thanks to Sean of the famous Seans Ramblings blog for the pic!

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