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Halloween Jagoffs

Top Pittsburgh Halloween Costumes, 2017

Today is the annual Jagoffs Buyer’s Guide to the most popular Halloween costumes in Pittsburgh this year.

See the previous years’ winners here.

As you all know, pretty much no costume gets to be a top-purchased costume unless it has a “sexy” version for some reason! A sexy nun?  Don’t need it! But someone wants it.

Just like last year, here are the top selling Pittsburgh Halloween Costumes according to our SJU’s (Special Jagoff Unit) research of sales in the Strip District.

The Honorable Mention for 2017 was a Speedy Delivery Bobblehead outfit.  Be careful with this one, the head is over-sized and, if you drink too much, you could topple down stars or simply fall over if you lean too far into a cooler to grab a brew!

And this year’s 3rd place?  It was a last minute rush to get these in. Had there been another week, we are pretty sure that this would have trended to No 1. We don’t believe this to be a realistic costume because we hear that the actual thief had on a Ravens Ray Rice shirt on. But, who cares about telling the truth these days, right? It’s fake Halloween costume news!

Second place comes completely outta nowhere!  We all know and love The Flower and, sure as the sunshine in Hawaii, the sexy Marc Andre costume is crushing it!  This is an inflatable costume so make sure you go pee before you put it on!  And look at those abs sticking out from under that Golden Knights sweater.

And this year’s number one, most sold Pittsburgh Halloween costume… falls right in line with the latest news stories!  A sexy Pittsburgh Amazon HQ2 worker!  #NoNerdsHere!!

Ok… go share this PLEASE! Tell your friends!  And then go have a Happy Halloween, Ya Jagoffs!

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