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Halloween Jagoffs

Top Pittsburgh Halloween Costumes, 2015




Well, last year we started a thing.  What are the top selling Pittsburgh Halloween Costumes according to our SJU’s (Special Jagoff Unit) research of sales in the Strip District.

By the way, if you didn’t see last year’s top sellers go HERE.

So here ya go.  Of course, everything get a “sexy” version for some reason these days so, some of those have been extremely popular so far (with 2 days left to shop.)

This one gets an Honorable Mention.  Some people want to dress up as a “Jagoff” this year. So, this costume set come complete with a Flyers cap, a Terrell Suggs Ravens jersey and a Cris Collinsworth rubber mask. The ensemble does include a fake broadcasting headset.  Batteries not included.

In 5th place for 2015, the Parkway West Construction Guy costume which has two versions.  One that is a current worker and one, futuristic vision of what that same worker will look like once the construction is finally done in about 30 years.YJ-Sexy_ParkwayWest

In 4th place, we have the Sexy Fracking Driller costume.  You have to supply your own drilling oil to apply on your face an clothes.  We suggest 10w-30 car oil as a realistic touch. If you’re short on cash, just scrape some oil/grease off of your car engine and smear it on.  Be sure it’s not HOT!


This one was somewhat of a surprise. This is the 3rd most popular selling Pittsburgh Halloween costume so far this year.  Sexy Iceburgh. You get the “sexy” component but it’s not too over the top for the faint of heart or for those whose parents will be at the same party.


This one was a surprise in that it wasn’t number 1.  The UN-SEXY Joe Manganiello costume.  For those who already have the beer gut, you can simply by the discounted version of the mask by itself. The old Terry Bradshaw photo on the wall in the background is not included.  The white loins ARE included and are not for rental.  They are purchase only for obvious reasons.


And finally, this was a shocker but he is a great guy.  Our Special Jagoffs Unit researchers have found that, up until the publishing date of this blog post, the most popular selling Pittsburgh Halloween Costume, as noted by sales in the various stores of the Strip District, is Sexy/Hulk Ray Petelin, WTAE Meteorologist. Whooda thunk it!



There ya have it.  Happy Halloween YaJagoffs!



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