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Those Drivers that Block Intersections!

Jagoff Blog Pittsburgh

So we had one of those, first-time-the-sun-has-been-0ut-for-a-long-time-so-let’s-go-to-the-Strip-District-and-shop-eat-and-bounce-off-of-people-and-almost-get-hit-by-passing-cars-but-MAN-we-had-a-great-time days last Saturday.  We headed out early, down through the North Side to try and attack the Strip from the flank.

The only thing between us and the Strip District is first-sunny-day-in-a-long-time-traffic and the Block Blocker in the photo above.

That driver who just happens to think THEIR trip to the strip is more important than yours so they pull through and block the intersection.

Now, in previous posts, we have recommended using the rules from the Preschool game, “Red Light, Green Light,”  where anyone  still moving when “Red Light” is hollered, must so back to the starting line and start all over.  

Can you imagine a police officer walking up to this driver and saying, “Go back to Cedar Avenue and start your ride all over again, Bucko!”  He’d be MORE ticked than getting a $300 citation!!!

Hey Block-blocking Bucko, here’s how WE see this….

We hope that you you drank a ton of coffee before leaving home AND from a swanky 64oz Yeti tankard while driving … and, after you cheated us on the intersection,  your swanky car got stuck behind a dump truck, a Student Driver vehicle AND a Toyota Prius with a “Driving 5mph below the speed limit saves puppies” sticker on the bumper.  On top of that, when you got to your destination, hoping the elevators were stuck and the restrooms were unavailable because of cleaning.. causing high pressure in your bladder.. so that it felt like your eyes were floating,… YaJagoff!

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