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Driving Jagoffs

This Mon Valley Jag Could Be ANY One of Us!!!!!

This is one of the FUNNIEST photos we have received in a long time.  Seriously…when we saw this pic, we just about pee’d our pants!!!

It’s funny because, it’s not someone being mean, but because, being totally honest, this could be almost any one of us on a given day!!  If you can’t admit that this might have been you at one time in your life you should NOT be following this blog…LOL!!!!!

This is the note that accompanied the pic:

The Explorer was still wet from the car wash. I guess this person wanted to air dry the car mats after they hosed them off. Taken in Monongahela, PA

Seriously…. how many times have you left groceries, your phone, your day planner or A KID on the roof of your car? How many times have you pulled up to a destination and said to yourself, “How in the hell did I get here?” How many times have you driven some place in the Pittsburgh Winter Slush and, when you got there, you realized the belt of your winter coat had been caught in the door and had been hanging outside the car dragging all through the salt/snow/cinder/mud mix?????

Even MORE funny is, if this would have been us….. and some other driver pulled up next to us pointing at the back of our car, we probably would have flipped him off, called him a Jagoff and sped on down the road…and considering them as a Jagoff blog post…NOT knowing that the other driver was actually trying to help us.

Haaaaaaaa….(snort)……………haaaaaaaaa…..(pee trickle)……………………………. 

We’re guessing that this guy was at one of those coin-operated thingies where you put your quarters in an then totally PANIC trying to FRANTICALLY wash your car in the specific allotted time and end up with purple bubbles going all over the place squeezing out of its metal holder.  You’re in such a crazed Charlie-Sheen-on-speed car scrubbing pace that, as soon as you’re done, you jump in the car and pull away.

Hey Carlton-the-Door-Mat (those of you old enough to remember the show Rhoda will realize that was a genius-level line right there), we have to give you credit because at least you didn’t drive away and  leave the floor mats laying back at the place near the suck-everything-so-be-careful-around-the-dog car wash vacuums!!!!  You were SMART enough to recognize the potential of your forgetful tendencies and clipped those things to the back of your car.

Just know this, when we deliver our closing line, Carlton, we have love in it cuz we are just glad this was NOT us.  (just like that feeling we get when passing some poor sap that got pulled over by a State Trooper… thanks for taking one for the rest of us!

In the meantime, you DID leave your car mats hanging on your back window wiper.. AND were caught driving down the road with it STILL hanging there.  Therefore, we must say to you (again with compassion)… as you’re driving, you might want to take a look down at the CONTEXT CLUES… the carpeting you see is very clean and THAT’S because you’ve had it covered up by the floor mats.  And THOSE floor mats would be what’s hanging on the back of your damn car and flapping against your car as you drive down the road, Ya Jagoff!!!


Thanks to Brian from Mon Valley for sending us this pic and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher of the day!!!


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