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Restaurant Jagoffs

“There’s The Super Bowl Then There’s The Steelers vs. Ravens” – (Then There’s A Chic Fight)

Sure, Terrell Suggs should be our post today for saying stupid things like:

“I’m looking right at you 86. I need you to play. Please put on that 86, that smile and all the things you do. We need all that for this game.”

Yahoo Sports

But then what would we do with these people that got in the fist fight at 4:30am in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru?  See the story on WPXI.

Allegations are all over the place about what happened but, basically, some guy wasn’t happy with the wait at the drive thru, the next thing you know two guys start jawing like a pair of Terrell Suggs going at each other (not sure if the plural of Suggs is: Suggs-es or Sugg-ae.) After that, their ladies start to whoop-up on each other – aaaaaaand- one of them is dressed as a bar wench (guessing that the sasquatch costume was either already rented or too tight of a fit.)  The icing on this cake is that there’s horrible Bert and Ernie costumes involved too.

The situation ends up with one of the ladies unconsious (not funny) – beaten with a bar wench boot, the bar wench who knocked her out charged by the police and the guy, who started it all by yelling about not getting his food and STILL complaining about not having his sausage sandwich while his lady-friend lays in the drive-thru unconsious.

(Didn’t these people know that fast food is unhealthy— ESPECIALLY late at night?)

So for the drive-thru-food-fighters, we hope that none of you are parents.  The ridiculousness of 4 adults fist fighting, one being beaten to a point of unconsiousness, because two of you can’t shut-up and relax a few minutes to wait for your McMuffin and the other two can’t simply shut YOUR mouths, stay in your car and ignor the loudmouth jagoff in line behind you, you’ve made our blog.

To reward you for your ignorance, we will give you all free tickets to Sunday’s Steelers game – inlcuding sideline passes.  We ALSO will give each of you a free Steelers Team jersey….. all with the number 86 on them.  At some point during the game, we’ll smack Terrell Suggs on the back of the helmet and be sure that he knows it was #86 that hit him.  By the time he’s done tearing into all of you because he thinks he’s hallucinating multiple Hines (not sure if the plural of Hines is Hines-es or Hine-ae), the rest of us will have packed up all of your belongings and shipped them to where other classless people like you live… you got it… Terrell Suggs’ house, Ya Jagoffs!

The video below is REALLY what these Drive-Thru-Food-Fighters deserve since they were in costume- a little Aaron Asham meeting.

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