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The YaJagoff Coffee Has Been Named

YaJagoff Coffee with Oniell Coffee

There’s a YaJagoff! beer thanks to North Country Brewing.  And now, thanks to O’Neill Coffee in West Middlesex, Mercer County, for coffee lovers around the ‘Burgh, there will soon be a YaJagoff! coffee.

There is nothing better than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. And you’ll find that this one-hundred percent sourced premium Black Arabica coffee is both flavorful and refreshing. What makes this coffee blend truly unique is its ability to appeal to both coffee aficionados and those who are just looking for a good cup of joe.

In other words, it’s the perfect blend for any occasion around tahn!

We are extremely proud to partner with  O’Neill Coffee in West Middlesex, Mercer County, who created this awesome coffee profile for yinzers here and expats across the country to enjoy. From seed to cup, they roast the best coffees in the region.

Founded in 1951 by its namesake, Jim O’Neill set out to create the smoothest, richest cup anyone in Pennsylvania’s Shenango Valley had ever tasted. It didn’t take long before the uncommonly good flavor caught on, and soon he was loading up his delivery truck and serving the townspeople at local eateries, mills, schools and hospitals.  Today, it is still family owned, and they begin with the finest beans the world has to offer. Just as Jim did in the early days, they roast their coffees with the utmost care, relying on the expertise of their roastmasters to tell them when the beans are ready. The result of all this painstaking precision is truly exceptional coffee, cup after cup, year after year.

OK.. the blah, blah fan fair is over.  The name of the coffee is:

Marilyn Walsh has won the naming contest with Dahntahn Grahnd!

So get on it, this is not your parking PERKING spot, YaJagoffs!

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