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The Too Much Talent for ONE Hour Podcast  

April 14, 2020

 The Pearl Avenue studios are becoming accustomed to star-studded voices. This week, Natalie Bencivenga reminds us that the Steel City is rich in non-profit support, Scott Harbaugh touts the toddler game, Jim Rooney talks about a different way to win, and Tim Vitullo gives us a great refrain.

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With hope and positivity, the Rohrich Automotive group will be back to business as usual in a couple of short weeks. In the meantime, shopping online with knowledgeable and dedicated representatives is key. Plus, look for the driving positivity campaign through social media to keep our spirits up, and to remind us all that we are in this together, Pittsburgh. In the meantime, visit for all your vehicle needs.

Question of the Day:

You’re celebrating a holiday of some sort this weekend, what would be your ultimate quarantine feast, and frankly, did you have it?

4:50 Natalie Bencivenga

Setting the scene for new ventures, Natalie Bencivenga reflects on her time at PG SEEN over the past six years from her start at the Cinderella Ball, to many uplifting people and non-profits outside of the 1% of black-tie events in Pittsburgh. Also known for Ask Natalie, she gives the opportunity to be seen while helping strangers find their own power. 

27:20 Harbaugh

WPXI Scott Harbaugh does it all from predicting the weather, fighting crime with his son, and tackling grocery duties during COVID19. There’s no filter from his head to his mouth, and he dishes out the resiliency of broadcast and ‘spiders’ temporarily taking away the joys of Oakmont Bakery. Listen here as he makes his own path through Rachael’s rapid-fire questions, too. 

51:33 Jim Rooney:

HERE WE GO, son of multifaceted Steelers mogul Dan Rooney teased his authorship here FIRST, and now his book is a reality with A Different Way to Win, available on Amazon and Steelers Pro Shop. Listen here to insights on the mentality of a win/win relationship and the notable Rooney Rule while his book sales stay in the lead against the Pats yet again.

1:11 Tim Vitullo

Blushing through the tele interview with compliments galore, Tim Vitullo Band jams with Rach and John through his blues roots and music genres. Dynamic and diverse, his music provides insight into the tightly guarded music scene throughout the burgh that turns into welcoming communities (insert bear hug here).

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