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Baseball Jagoffs

Bitchin’ About The Pirates

Hey Buccos… it was earlier this season that we jumped on the bandwagon.  Like, we jumped off of an “I love hockey and nothing else” cliff and bounced ourselves right into bandwagon hollering SHOTGUN all they way threw the Fort Pitt Tunnels where our voices echoed!!!

Well, it seems that you guys have a bit of a losing streak.. ok.. in today’s softer-side-of-sports-where-everyone-gets-a-trophy we mean.. you’re just not winning all that you might want to be winning.. FOR NOW!  So, we put together a little motivational speech for you all to, go around the locker room and take turns reading out loud.

We’re still in this wild card hunt so..

What’s this lyin’ around s#$t??

(Well what the hell we s’posed to do ya MO-ron?)

Over?  Did you say over?  Nothing is over until we say it is.

Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?

Bluto- Animal House

You can’t make a great play unless you do it first in practice.”

Chuck Noll – Pittsburgh Steelers

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect  plan executed next week.

George  S. Patton

OK.. that should be all ya need.. to get one for.. ummm.. for US, the patient fans!!!!!  But, in case that’s not enough, here’s another one.

If you keep cryin’ I’m gonna give you something to CRY ABOUT!

My Mom

That one didn’t have anything to do with playing baseball but, it scared the BA-JEEZUS outta us every time we heard it so we thought it made sense.

Buccos, we’re behind ya 100% ..but..we have a couple of simple requests going down the stretch:  could ya just hit the ball every once in a while when people are on base, or catch the ball vs. bobbling it or, even better, when you throw the ball to another player, could you please throw it AT that person’s glove.

And if nothing else above works, GET YOUR ARSES IN GEAR AND LETS GO, YA JAGOFFS!!!!!


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