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The Pick-up and Go Comedy Show

YaJagoff Blog Comedy Show

Three major things we have learned through the pandemic:  

1. Wear a mask.

2. Socially-distance 

3.Go with the flow of trends during a pandemic when all else fails. Oh, and wash your hands! 

As for the trends, we can check off a bunch of the things we did to keep busy and survive the months of quarantine.  Yep we all need tee-shirts that read I survived the pandemic by: 

    1. Building the 1,000+ piece puzzle with my family little by little each night 
    2. Binge-watching the latest Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV series  
    3. Zooming with friends which led to buying Zoom packages to Zoom with more people longer 
    4. Attending drive-ins with car loads full of socially distanced peeps craving a concert of some sort 

And drum roll for the latest….you have not survived the pandemic without throwing some M&Ms and flavored water into a bag, tossing your chair-in-a-bag contraption and favorite mask as well, and heading to the parking lot on Preble Ave.  Ok, that is a little long, but the trend is real.  

We call it the Pickup and Go Comedy Show, and it is sponsored by Rohrich Automotive.  Basically, a few of the best Pittsburgh comedians like Collin Chamberlin and Ray Zawodni will perform from the back of a Rohrich truck and the audience will BYO everything and listen for $10 each.  To abide by the guidelines, there are 50 tickets to be had.  That is it.  

 Click Here for Tickets.  Scroll to truck iconya jagoff! 

First Event, August 1, 2020


Parking lot of Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff and Bicycle Heaven

1800 Preble Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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