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The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season: YaJagoff Beer

As the holiday season rolls into effect and the isles turn from shades of dreary beige to burning crimson and hunter green, the perfect gift arises before your very eyes. The same words you uttered in the parking lot to the grey Sedan trying to swerve for the last opening in the front row reads across a six pack: “This is my spot YaJagoff!”

Partnering with North Country Brewing, YaJagoff concocted the idea to step out of their usual role as podcasters and assume the role of master brewers this past Spring with the release of their own American Light Lager. Palatable, inexpensive, and the perfect yinzer replacement for your casual drinker so this winter, saddle up with Rachael and John and get cozy with a cold one.

Whether you’re eating a Thanksgiving Turkey Burger at Wahlburgers, strolling through the isles of your local Giant Eagle, devouring some empanadas at Gaucho Parrilla, or lounging at the house with the heat cranked to a billion, North Country Brewing has created the perfect beer anytime, all the time, whatever time (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, believe me.)

A combination of fate and luck created this unique opportunity. Talking to Patrick Morris, NCB’s regional sales manager, he said this beer was “born out of ingenuity.” It started with a podcast, ended in a question, which ended in a beer. Crazy, huh? “All it takes is someone to ask, really,” he said when discussing how these types of chances come about. “Rachael and John had just asked how they would be able to get their own beer and we went from there.”  

Although considered a “craft beer,” which often leaves an uncle’s face turned sour at the first cusp of a cr-, this American Style Lager is mellow, smooth, and provides a low alcohol content.

Thinking about a pop-up for this winter? North Country’s got you covered for all your needs this holiday. When asked what was necessary for a pop-up, Morris replied “a license. Scheduling and stuff as well, but mainly the license.” Outside of that, the hard work comes into presentation. Beer titles like ours are sure to catch the eye but marketing, and color schemes matter as well. “Beer sells itself to a certain point,” he said, but the location and demographic matters too. “We’re always willing to give an event or location a chance. It never hurts to try.”

So on your next trip to the grocery store, or a night of fine dining Downtown, or you catch us at our next pop-up, make sure to put “This is my spot Ya Jagoff” on your wishlist. Snag your six packs, cases and beer gifts before they’re all out!

Here are a few places around town where you can find the beer:


  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing