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YaJagoff Podcast Covid 19

The mother of all debates is about to go down and it is NOT what you think!  The popular Facebook post asking do you wear a mask in public is just the tip of the iceBURGH.  Some wear full face gear when heading outside the home, some wear the mask around the neck for “effect” and some choose not to wear a mask.  Everyone deals differently.  We say, don’t be a jagoff, follow the rules in place. But, there is group who has us really scratching our heads. 

As counties sit on the edge of their cuuuches today to learn of their pending “green status,” the casino attendees may be the most anxious.  Oops, sorry, casina for the heavy hitters. I mean the haircut need is real, and the vast majority of people are ready for hair salons and barber shops to open.  Restaurant and bar neon signs being lit to signify that they are open are a distant second hope, and places of worship are certainly up there.  But the casina peeps, lordy!  That hankering is tough to curb.  But it begs the question, how will those die hards be in compliance with mask wearing and smoke? Head scratcher, right?  

When they finally get the go ‘head and go to the casina and assume their positions on the stools for their card game or slots of choice, that mask is gonna get in the way of the come on yinz jagoff outbursts, not to mention how are they gonna smoke their Marlboros? Well, we think it is coming. The next wave of casina masks that have a cig slot right in the middle. If that doesn’t add to the mask debate I don’t know what will. 

So, thanks to the casina cohorts for creating a fourth category to the mask debate.  Here at jagoff headquarters we say, just wear the appropriate covering mask when in public, ya jagoff! 

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