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YaJagoff Podcast Fireplace Four

#YaJagoff Podcast

The Final Fireplace Non Frivolous Frolic J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour Stop #4 

March 3, 2020

It is the final stop on the JD Waterproofing Fireplace Tour! It’s a sad AND happy day because our hosts, Jay and Ethan have outdone themselves with catering and charcuterie galore.  Plus, it is always a party with Shawn and Harry Larry. We added the Penguins’ in-game announcer and KDKA-TV personality Celina Pompeani, Mack from the ever-growing Instagram account on_a_paper_plate, and went all out crazy on music with Redd Up Rhonda: Jesse, Ange and Ed.

Music: Redd Up Rhonda  
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Question of the Day:


Today is “plan a solo vacation” day. Could you go on a solo vacation and, if so, where would you go?

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ACE Axe throwing, March 7 
The St. Patrick’s Day Parade tradition continues (March 14) 

4:05 Jay and Ethan

Jay and Ethan threw the ultimate fireplace finale on tour #4 with his parents, caterers, friends, neighbors and even jagoffs in their newly built house in McKees Rocks Heights. Listen as Jay vows to get that Rohrich Mazda sponsorship on the mic over Honda, but he’ll settle for selling over 450 cars per year for now.

17:05 JD Waterproofing Shawn

JD Waterproofing Shawn and Harry Larry meet the final challenge at Jay and Ethan’s pristine humble abode and are sad to report NO water damage, plus it is another year in the books for the fireplace tour. Fear not though, they are offering some crazy deals for their one-stop-shop!

20:50 Celina Pompeani

Celina Pompeani learned and exhibits on-air expertise as she takes over the news in the Burgh! What are her favorite past times when she’s not in full-blown Penguins season, dishing out the morning traffic or conquering on Pittsburgh Today Live with KDKA? It may involve PJ’s, time with her love, foodie culture or all of the above!  

35:14 Mack

Food never looked so good on a paper plate until on_a_paper_plate has attracted hundreds to the creative cravings Mack stirs up on Instagram! Man of many talents, he is a gifted barber with a love legacy of food from his experience as a chef. Once a chef, always a chef! 

45:24 Redd Up Rhonda

Jesse, Ange and Ed of Redd Up Rhonda chat up the music biz and their passionate power of roots rock. Find out where their band name actually comes from in old-fashioned Pittsburghese style and catch them at the Blues Challenge on March 28.

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