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That Guy With the “Big Head” at the Bar


So everyone’s watching the Pirates now.  And, the more people that watch the games on TV, the more opportunities for Bucco-Watching-Jagoffery.

Here’s the tweet that came with this pic:

Guy with biggest head in bar decides to block the pitcher and home plate with it from the rest of us watching the Buccos..

Oh.. he’s like the people that have puss their way through a crowd to stand in the “front row” of the fireworks display…. their up in air for gawd sake!!!

Hey… Max-No-Head-Room (only the old folks will get that reference), didn’t your father ever tell ya, “You can tell your dad wasn’t a window maker!”  Or, even better, “You make a better door than a window! Down in front, YaJagoff!!!!!”

Thanks much to Bill Sclabassi‎ for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!


By the way, check out the website Tailgate Did an interview with John, “The Grill Sargeant,” talking about the book and tailgate jagoffery! Click the pic.