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Baseball Jagoffs

“That Guy” That Suddenly Stops To Read The Menus at PNC Park

Despite the fact that the Buccos might not make any type of playoff contender (but they STILL might), it’s actually a BLAST to go to the ball park to see a game. Even for a bunch of bandwagon jumpers like us! The crowds are exciting!

It wasn’t too long ago that, any jagoff posts associated with baseball in Pittsburgh, were typically about the team adminies. But, they are far off of our list right now. We like Bob Nutting’s presence with the team. We want Clint Hurdle to be our “honorary grandpap” and we wish we could weigh/eat as much as Joel Hanrahan and get paid what he gets to play 3 innings of baseball every day.

But, the bigger the crowds, the more opportunity for blog posts!!!!! This one is a CLASSIC at any crowded stadium venue and we saw, i.e, ran into the kidneys of, a bunch of these the other night at PNC Park.


You are hurredly walking in the crowd above.. trying to pee cuz you have held the last beer waaaaay to long OR you are trying to get to your seat before the 2nd inning. All you can see is the backs of the fans right in front of you and you just hope that it’s not a guy (or girl) with a hairy back and hair sticking out from over their Zoltan t-shirt collar. Thennnnnnn… all of the sudden, everyone stops and starts bumping into each other like a bad Bunny Hop Dance accident at a Pittsburgh wedding reception. POW!!! Someone gets beer on their back, popcorn goes to the floor like firework embers, ice cream goes into someone’s nose.

The person that caused the fan-train derailment, is someone who stopped SUDDENLY cuz they had to read the menu at refreshment stand….”Nachos, Nachos With Cheese, Nachos With Cheese and Peppers, Hot Dogs, Even Bigger Hot Dogs…..” The best part of it all, the derail-er has that stupid look on their face… the one where their lip and nostrils are curled up, their top-front teeth are showing and it looks like they’re saying, “Huh?” (Notice our poser in the pic above since we were too afraid to put a REAL person’s face on here.)

This post is about “THAT GUY!”

Look buddy, for MOST OF US, it’s been a long time since we’ve been to PNC Park and we are ALL shocked and bewildered at the price of what SHOULD be 29-cent hot dog on a soggy steamy bun (which tastes just awesome ONLY inside of a stadium). And not all of us are familiar with the wide array of menu items and have to peruse the menus. But….stopping like that is just like flying down the Parkway and coming to a dead stop just underneath the Squirrel Hill Exit sign trying to figure which way Murray Avenue is!

So, Mr. Bunny-Hop-Demolition-Derby, the next time you stop to review the PNC tapas menu, Pa-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze step to the side first, so that we all don’t go home with our very own souvenir Zoltan Neck Collars, Ya Jagoff!!!!

Thanks to our POSER “LLIB” who is typically only a hand and ankle model!

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