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Unkown Jagoffs

“That Guy” That Says Dumb Things

You never wanna be “That Guy” or “That Girl.”

But…..someone was.  We have only had a few days of hot weather and I already had someone say, “Hot enough for ya?”

My desired response (that I didn’t give was) “Are you “THAT GUY” that is so lost for random things to say to aquaintances that you have to bring out, “Hot enough for ya?”

I’ll bet your a “card” at social functions, Mr. “Plaid-sports-coat-wearing-Wit-dat-short-sleeve-dress-shirt-with-a-tie-status-Hows-it-goin-Whats-your-sign-I-was-born-at-night-but-not-last-night-Do-you-come-here-often-I’ll-bet-your-sign-is-slippery-when-wet-How-about-that-internet-Hey-are-you-on-SpaceBook-Hey-does-a-burger-come-with-that-shake-If-sexy-was-a-crime-you’d-be-guilty-as-charged-Did-ya-hear-the-one-about-I’m-looking-for-treasure-can-I-look-around-your-chest.” 

Yes it is hot enough for me, as a matter of fact its feeling TOO HOT for me but I’m not going to complain cuz we just had a loooooong ass winter and 3,568 straight days of rain, YA JAGOFF!!!!

I have to credit Facebook Follower Debi Abel and now Honorary Jagoff Catcher on this post!