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#YaJagoff Podcast

A “Taxing/Relaxing” Podcast

April 10, 2018

Tax Day is coming and, no doubt, it is a taxing time of year! So, what can you do to relax? Even more importantly, what do tax accountants and preparers do to relax after they have looked through all of your fake receipts and mileage expense reports? We are at ESSpa Kozmetika in Aspinwall looking for relaxing measures for all of our guests: Mike from Switcheroo, relaxing steelpan music by David Pugliano of Barrels to Beethoven, and suggested options to spend the day at Esspa!

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Episode Music: Barrels to Beethoven


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Question of the Day

What do you find TAXING… if you could pay someone to do ONE thing for you EVERY DAY… what would it be?

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01:15 Opening

What was on the blog: Brackets/tax day contest chatter—NOMINATE and receive a signed Kessel puck in addition to the spa treatment. PGH MAGAZINE TALKING POINTS FOR NEXT WEEK!!!

04:35 Eva and Scott of ESSpa

Kosmetica talk about the spa, why the Hungarian influence is important AND… the contest. You can win a 60-minute spa visit by texting the word LOVE to 20001! Do it!

23:08 Mike from Switcheroo

From kickstarter to production! Switcheroo is ready for your home. Everyone is invited to the launch party. The party is at AlphaLab Gear on Friday, April 20th. The invitation is open, so bring whomever you would like; the more the merrier. Just be sure to register either through the Facebook event or the Eventbrite link.

38:08 Heather from ESSpa Kosmetica…

Get rid of that uni-brow! But seriously, this is an art. Heather is the expert!

46:12 Dave Pugliano of Barrels to Beethoven joins us

What happens with the bat in the bat cave moment? Barrels to Beethoven is such a cool thing. You can learn how to play steelpan (as some incorrectly call it steel drums)! The next event coming up for adults.. Let’s Play Pan (+21)

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