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“Ya Jagoff!” Store

YJ-Store_IrishShirtSpecial Jagoff Shirt Created by Justin Roach


This shirt has been created by graphic designer Justin Roach. See all of his designs for Primanti Brothers, Randyland and Snoop Dog HERE.  This is a soft-to-touch t-shirt. All sizes listed are in men’s sizes.


Western PA SNPJ Button Box Club Polka CD


$2.50 for shipping

Dance your butt off to these polkas! Last Dance Polka, Eddie’s Polka, Kapetan Rimek, You’re All I Ask For Waltz, Margie’s Polka, Father and Sons Favorite Medley, Wanna Call You Sweetheart Polka, Dolini Tihi Waltz, Bartender’s Polka, Polka Memories, Soldier Boy Polka, Cakala Bom Waltz, I’m a Sailor Polka, Millie’s Polka, Poklar’s Polka, La Bella Luna Waltz, Windy City Polka, Rose Ann Polka, Penn Ohio Polka, Fantasy Waltz, Mis-Tre Polka, Jas Pa Poi Polka

The 2019 YaJagoff Parking Chair Ornament


Supply is limited to 300 only.

This year’s ornaments have been created by the ultra-creative MaryMac of Mary Mac Bakehouse. Only 300 available!

>Pittsburgh Parking Chair Christmas Ornament 2020The 2020 YaJagoff Parking Chair Ornament (Prototype photo)


Supply is limited.

This year’s ornaments have been created by cousin Mikey K and the packaging by MaryMac of Mary Mac Bakehouse.

Pittsburgh Parking Chair Ornament 2019Get a pair of parking chair ornaments!


Supply is limited.

Get the 2019 ornament AND the 2020 ornament as a pair.

YaJagoff Grocery Bag$5 for 1, $10 for 3

You don’t need no stinkin’ plastic bags!  These will work just fine!

YaJagoff Grocery Bags

YaJagoff Tossle Cap from YinzLidzYaJagoff Tossle Cap $10

Produced for us by the awesome folks at

yaJagoff Ball Cap from YinzLidzYaJagoff Ball Cap $15

Produced for us by the awesome folks at

YaJagoff Podcast Drinking Glasses

Set of 6 Drinking Glasses $80

Produced for us by one of our faves, Cousin Lisa,