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Stop Pumpkin-Spicing Everything!


YJ-PumpkinSpicePumpkin spice: bread, cookies, autumn-whole-lotta-crappalotta-coffee, beer, soap, potpourri, candles, toilet sprays… WHATEVER!!  I’m a purist.  I only like pumpkin flavored PUMPKIN PIE!  Do I like the SMELL of pumpkin pie and would a have that around, yeah, maybe.  But can we paleeeeeeze stop pumpkin-ing EVERYTHING?

Thank gawd that I know of one thing that hasn’t been pumpkin-ed…. a Primanti Brothers sandwich.

In the meantime, here’s my question, why do we need pumpkin-spiced toilet sprays?  If you eat and drink everything pumpkin-spiced every day for 3 months, won’t you bathroom automatically smell like pumpkin spice, Ya Jagoffs?


Thanks to Anna Mac for the PhotoShop work!

MaryMac Bakehouse

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