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Spelling Out J-A-G-O-F-F for Pumpkin Spice Season

Ruben Campos Jagoff Blog

We love this!  And the “Artistic Director” of the photo is our fave helicopter pilot, Ruben Campos!

In case you’re new here, we love it when peeps find themselves wanting to have some fun in the crafting stores’ “letter aisles.” They take a moment to arrange the block letters, stockings, whatever, into our favorite term-of-endearment term!  Usually this happens around the Christmas Holidays but Ruben, our favorite helicopter pilot, has kicked off the pumpkin-spice season.  Look how nicely he arranged the footballs into the word J-A-G-O-F-F!  It brings an emotional tear to our eyes!  We had to take a second and sigh like a, “Oh, TJ Watt is NOT gonna be out the entire season” kind of sigh!

Ruben, have we said yet that you’re our favorite helicopter pilot???  If we haven’t mentioned it, you ARE our favorite helicopter pilot…. YaJagoff… used in the term-of-endearment version, of course!

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