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Somerset Man ALLEGEDLY Stole Turner’s Tractor

Somerset Man Stale Truners Dairy Tractor

You may want to watch the KDKA TV video because Ross Guidotti and Trooper Steve Lumani are some of our favorite people.  But, if you don’t have time, here’s the short version. Make sure you read to the end to see how the sleuths figured out who the alleged culprit was.

  • Turner’s Dairy Farm folks noticed that one of their 11K pound tractors was missing.
  • The suspected THIS suspect to be the culprit given that he had “borrowed” another vehicle a few years ago when he worked for the diary.
  • When troopers went to the home, “The deep cut of agricultural tires still remains in the front yard of Gary Lauffer’s home.”

Haaaaa… a little pee-trickle -laugh…. why would you steel a tractor? Where would you hide it?  Would you disassemble it for scrap metal?

Nope! The Gare-bear said he took the tractor because he needed to “remove some trees” from his property! Gare-bear….that was all a great plan other than not being able to hide the tractor OR the tire tracks in the mud!  You should have some kind of steamroller machine too to hide the tracks.  Either way, once you get through this, we would not suggest using “Stump Removal Experience” on your resume or LinkedIn profile…too many “but, what I was trying to do” details…. YaJagoff!


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