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YaJagoff Podcast with Burton Morris

#YaJagoff Podcast

Some Laughter, Some Liquor and A Central Perk

July 28, 2020

A comedian from the ‘Rocks organizes time with jags AND comedy shows in LA, a former packaging VP packaged some buzzworthy cider for the jagoffs while we talked to everyone INCLUDING Burton Morris, the man behind the coffee cups making the TV show Friends iconic. Plus, the Vindy’s give us a taste of jazz and pop from just over the border in Ohio. The bad news, the cider never made it, but the podcast still went on.

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Maz Day

5:21 Curt Henry

Owner of Tattiebogle Cider Works, Curt Henry worked at a packaging company and had an interest in the process of alcohol formation with apples. Now he manages a fermentation farm and tasting area to bring the best of crisp, cold, refreshing cider. Listen for his fave ciders with crazy names and meanings like the Wee Geordie, Clara, and Souér Brambles!

22:15 Burton Morris

The Pittsburgh-born and trained pop artist Burton Morris is known for his bright depictions of everyday objects and cultural icons, from a cup of coffee to the Statue of Liberty. Listen to how he creates iconic nightstands, and how you can catch him via Zoom with the Heinz History Center on July 29!

54:05 Eric Shantz

Originally from the Rocks, Director/Producer for Big Bear Comedy Festival and SLO Comedy Festival Eric Shantz is a Yinzer at heart living in LA. While known for creating his own platform of laughs on the West Coast, he has also been known to stir up laughter in Europe, too!

1:06 John from the VINDYS

John Anthony from The Vindys, a band that is not only part of Women Who Rock but has been spotlighted on WYEP, appreciates its Youngstown roots while used to playing iconic Pittsburgh venues. Appealing to the masses, they have been referred to as a vibrant slice of vintage pop theatre. Listen to the happenings of their newest album!

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