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So It’s OK to Turn Right Ahead?

Right Turn Jagoff

Oh, yeah! It’s perfectly ok to turn right at that intersection. As a matter of fact, you should feel free to turn right on red if ya like! It really helps traffic flow.. especially during the morning rush hour!

But wait!  Ya can’t because, despite there being 2 no-parking signs and a yellow line, everyone is stuck behind the Subaru who thought it was ok to just park right THERE.. for the morning rush. The real kicker is, if you know this intersection, you know that it always seems to take an entire week for that light to change from red to green.

Hey Subaru, it’ doesn’t take Shaggy and Scooby-Doo to give you a clue (see what I did there?) that you should park there! (I couldn’t keep up the oooo rhyming!)

Maybe we just need to have a bulldozer run over your car or, to be a little nicer, get a bullhorn and yell in your ear, “You can’t park there, YaJagoff!”

Writer’s Note: We don’t recommend smashing anyone’s car with a bulldozer but the fantasy vision of it is EXCITING!”

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