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Driving Jagoffs

Snow Jagoffery??

So what do you think THIS driver’s excuse was for not cleaning off his window?

Didn’t have a snow brush?

Had too nice of a coat on to do that standard Pittsburgh Pull-your-long-sleeve-over-your-hand-cuz-you-don’t-have-any-gloves-or-brush window cleaning maneuver?

Thought that the hot pizzas in the back seat would generate enough heat to melt the snow off of the back window?

Doesn’t actually even realize that they HAVE a back window—-they only know how to drive in a forward direction?

They’re from Morgantown, WV and, before pulling out, forgot to light the back seat of the car on fire to defrost the back window?

Interestingly enough, this is probably ALSO “that guy” that forgets to turn their headlights on before heading down the road, is a, well…….

Hey Snow Bunny…ull-your-sweater-sleeve-up-over-your-hand-And-use-your-arm-to-clean-your-windows-off-while-the-car-heater-is-running-on-high law, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks much to Anna Marie O. for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!!


Yesterday we posed a question on Facebook and Instagram about yesterday’s podcast with Mark Madden and Tyler Kennedy.

All correct answers to the question were entered into my STANKY ol’ Penguins ball cap and a raffle was held.

The two individuals below each won a ticket to the

Total Sports Enterprises signing with Patric Hornqvist, Matt Murray, Jake Guetnzel, Mike Lange and Phil Bourque

Instagram Winner:

Rose Ravasio

Facebook Winner:

Kristen Vardzel

Winners, please email us John (at) YaJagoff (dot) com with SUBJECT LINE: TSE SIGNING

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