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Grocery Store Jagoffs

Shopping Buggy Jagoffery

Sooooo….first things first…. that thing that the dude is standing on is a shopping buggy… it is NOT a shopping cart!  The second thing that the dude is NOT standing on is a ladder, a stool, a cherry picker basket or a some type of Cirque du Soleil hydraulic lift thingy.

And, the dude standing inside of the buggy is NOT a cherry picker or some type of Cirque du Soleil acrobat!

The cool part is that our anonymous Jagoff Catcher had the guts to stand right there and take a pic!  The woman holding the buggy handle gave our Jagoff Catcher a “look.”  I had to cover her face for privacy purposes but put the some clip art of the same kind of face that she was giving in real life!

Hey Rubber-Baby-Buggy-Jumper.. (see what I did there?)…is there really one can that is worth all of that? You really need “top shelf” stewed tomatoes? Bummer that we didn’t see the process of you getting in the buggy… seems to me that would have been a bit of a hilarious video!

Get out of the buggy and and…when ya do.. check yer drawers… your butt looks a bit hungry … Ya Jagoff!

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