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Grocery Store Jagoffs

Shopping Buggy Etiquette ?, Jagoffs, Shopping Carts, Shopping Buggy

If you’ve followed this blog since the beginning,  you know full-well, that this is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Look how close that thing is to the cart rack.  Oh wait! Maybe they, someone actually DROVE that cart to the grocery store and just did a bad job parking in between the lines.  NOPE!

Jagoffery?  Yes…because the time and effort that it would have taken you to walk that buggy over to the cart corral would have added up to 27 more steps on your fit bit, 1.761 minutes out of your day AND would have saved the cart-corral dude a few minutes as he collected his bounty.

Here’s to hoping that, the time you saved by NOT taking the 38-foot walk to put the cart back to the rack, allowed you to adjust your make-up, toss your hair, adjust the coupons in your wallet folder, floss your teeth text and check Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest before you pulled out of your parking log so that you didn’t have to do all of that at the front of the stoplight line on the way home.

Your nickname is now, Bounty…because of how self-absorbent you are, YaJagoff!

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