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Baseball Jagoffs

Scott James Ashley of Friendship

(Click photo to see video if you need acquainted with Scott James Ashley)

So is this guy getting beat up?  Is this guy a trouble maker that deserves what he got?  Are the police brutalizing him?  Are all the fans, standing around cheering, acting like the crazy sunzabitches at the Roman Coliseum watching a gladiator get eaten by a tiger in 80 A.D.?

This website was created for just this kind of thing.  Check out the “ABOUT” page where it says we are going to call out those Jagoffs that make Pittsburgh look bad!

Ya go to a baseball game and spend half of your mortgage on getting drunk (OR yer a 300lb two-sip-skip).  Most people just fall asleep and pee their pants in their seat.  But no!  You get sooooo drunk, that you tell the security and police you wanna go out “the hard way.”   What a proud moment for your family Mr. Kurt-Angle-Wannabee!  (Of course, the shaved head, USA jacket and public intoxication stuff is getting’ ya pretty close to an exact replica.)

Seriously dude, this is about personal responsibility and stupidity – too irresponsible to not overindulge and too stupid to act responsibly in public.  The sad part is that yer probably gonna find an attorney for this and you’ll be rewarded with even MORE “Bar-fighting-Beer-muscle-Poor-Decision-Making-No-Self-Responsibility-the-McDonald’s-coffee-is-too-hot-when-I-spill-it-on-my-lap-while-driving-so-I-should-sue” money so that you can do this all over again!

You WIN!  On national TV and the WORLDWIDE web you SINGLE-HANDIDLY made us look WORSE than ANYTHING than Bob Nutting could ever do this season!

BTW, next time ya decide to act so stupid in public, could ya AT LEAST put on a Baltimore Ravens shirt so that everyone ELSE will kick yer ass (including other Baltimore fans)?  Then the police won’t have to worry about getting in trouble, YA JAGOFF!!!!

(The funny thing is, I’ll bet you had ONE HELLUVA headache when you woke up the next day – I guess you’ll blame that on the cops too!)

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