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RIP Van Winkle and the Cleveland Browns


DISCLAIMER: Admittedly,  it is easy to poke fun at this Browns fan today because the Steelers won.  A loss yesterday and.. well… this is a much more miserable blog post.

Ya pay alllllll that money for a ticket… gas to travel 2-3 hours in your long-johns…plus the tailgate money or, even worse, the 5-star restaurant prices for 1-star stadium food and beer and then ….the beer wins!

Sleeping Beauty?  Nope… R.I.P van Winkle!

(See what I did there with the whole RIP thingy and the Rip name?  1-star humor for the price of public bathroom soap!)

Hey there Cleveland R.I.P. van Winkle!  How silly!  Gettin’ all dolled-up in your Browny shirt and your Sunday “church jeans” and saw the insides of your eyelids.  The game in your head had to have been better than the game on the field.

Here’s a trick you can use when you go back home.  In the old days, we would skip Saturday evening pass and go out with our friends BUT we always sneaked into church EARLY and grabbed a weekly church bulletin to prove to our parents that we went to church.  Soooooo, hopefully you grabbed one of those game-day programs on your way out….maybe even watch some YouTube highlights on the drive home, and then go tell everyone how much you enjoyed the game.  Hope you enjoyed the sweet dreams, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to The Classy Yinzer on Instagram for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.