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Q&A With Leslie Bonci: Sprucing Up Your Salads

We are jumping for joy that our first #JeetJet topic featuring the iconic Leslie Bonci is green.  Thanks to Nichol Driscoll, we are dressing up the daily salad.  See her first question: 

Q: What are some fun ways to make salads more exciting?  

A: Bring the punch and crunch to your salad bowl with flavor, texture and color. Shaved beets and peaches can do the trick. Crunchy chickpeas or even pasta in the bowl, instead of on the plate, are also a must-do for flavor and color. 

Depending on the season, berries and tomatoes can be key.  But there is also the option of hummus, pesto or bruschetta topping as dressing. These are delicious options that make other foods green with envy. 

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