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Playing #JagoffOrNot in Chicago

Parking Jagoff

As you all know, we typically call out jagoffs.. dumb criminals, stupid politicians and bad drivers from the Western PA area. But, sometimes, our scanning of the internet turns up a gem like this one!

In case you can’t read the copy that was posted with this pic on Instagram, see below:

Is this person:
A) jagoff
B) entitled
C) brilliant?
(This is at gym)
#jagoff #storiesfromthe78

So not only did they take one compact car space with their non-compact car.. they took 3???  Now WE would call this a #PeterParkers pic but we don’t want to totally influence the vote so we’ll just ask YOU… Jagoff or not?

Thanks to tomwgnchicago from Instagram for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher. Follow his blog: StoriesFromthe78


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