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Pittsburgh St Patricks Day Parade

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: It’s not Irish, it’s Pittsburgh Irish,YaJagoff

March 15, 2022


The blizzardly weather had no bearing on the green scene at the return of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Sean Stayduhar overviews the Ancient Gaelic sport with info about the Pittsburgh Hurling Club, and Pat Mullin reps the North Side Irish for decades starting with just eight people. Matt, the executive director of Three Rivers Rowing, raps about rowing’s resurgence with a focus on team building, plus a quick check-in with the Smiling Irish Eyes court and the usual Cory O’Connor holla.




Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda




What would you do if you found a pot of gold?  Show us your Irish Jig? Fave Irish food choice?

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3:46     Sean Stayduhar

Sean, from the Pittsburgh Hurling Club, huddles in with the jags on how to play the all-inclusive game as well as input on the comradery comedy of personalities between players.  He explains it as a cross between rugby, field hockey and the need for a helmet. His teammates demo St. Patrick’s Day fun with a swig and a jig while getting out of your mind! *Cue song. * 

11:40     Pat: “Big Cat” Mullin

 The legendary parade king, complete with the white tuxedo and top hat, is from the acclaimed North Side Irish. Walking since the very beginning 30 years ago, he explains his start with only eight people to now known as the biggest group in the parade. He marched on behalf of his beloved driver, Kevin, who passed this year. 

Matt Logue

Executive Director of Three Rivers of Rowing, Matt talks about rowing as a sport and a great experience at any age. With the oldest member in their 80s, and youngest under 10 years-old, rowing has had a massive resurgence from the late 1800s to now. The organization offers all kinds of classes and levels, depending on how serious you want to take it. Learn more and become a leader on the river.

Mackenzie Ridge

 Miss Smiling Irish Eyes of 2022, Mackenzie, introduces her court that includes Zoey and Erin, ready with layers and beautiful smiles. A little prep talk like who attended Mass, and answers of what they’d do with a pot of gold, entertain the jagoffs at the start of the parade.  

27:10   Corey O’Connor

Pittsburgh Councilman Corey O’Connor talks new baby, pre and post parade family traditions, and he has an excellent answer for our pot o’ gold question.  Did we mention he tried to pawn off an excess of candy? 

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