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Peter Piper Picked ANOTHER “Peter Parkers” Pic

Jagoff Blog Pittsburgh Podcast

Peter Piper Picked ANOTHER “Peter Parkers” pic for today.

What?  Do you really… really…really… nick-nack-patty-wack, Ocka bocka soda crocker, ocka bocka boo … think that this person DIDN’T do this on purpose??  Wait.. maybe someone painted the lines AFTER this driver parked!!!

At this point, it’s hard to offer any more solutions get this this issue fixed!  We’ve been posting these for over 10 years.  We’re outta solutions!  Except for this one:

Tow all of these vehicles to Philadelphia.  Put them in a downtown Philly lots and, as the tow truck driver leaves the car behind, they place a sticker on the car that says, “I hate everything about Philthadelpha!   But here’s my cell number anyways, maybe we can chit chat  xxx-xxx-xxxx!”  And then put the drivers on a Megabus on a trip to Philly to reunite with their car…. but only give them half of the cash that it will take to get their car out of the Philly bound and make them work for the rest!!!

Learn how to park, Ya Jagoffs!!

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