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People’s Natural Gas Fireplace Tour 2022 Stop #3… The Entrepreneurial Edition

February 8, 2022


People’s Gas Fireplace Tour 2022 Stop #3 called for a trip to Collier Township for several successful startup stories, say that three times fast.  Fireside at Michael and Dawnlee Vaughn’s, get grind and go stories from The Wilson Group’s Derrick Wilson and Sally Andreaco, while Michael Troiani of the Troiani Group showcases the rebirth of Papa J’s Ristorante. Jamal, AKA Uncle Jammy, spices things up with his sauces and sales pitches, and Tim Vitullo and Cat delivered the soothing sounds.

Music: Tim Vitullo Band



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2:10     Michael and Dawnlee Vaughn

 People’s Gas Fireplace Tour 2022 Stop #3 hosts Michael and Dawnlee Vaughn boast about the Collier community while Michael shines a light on his role as VP of Sales at The Wilson Group. Known as the party house on the block, expect to hear the karaoke song “Baby Got Back” by Dawnlee while Michael can dominate his Footloose dance moves.

10:12    Derrick Wilson and Sally Andreaco

Owner of The Wilson Group Derrick Wilson shares how his sacrifice and dedicated team members helped build TWG empire of workflow solutions. Plus, the company welcomes a new chapter in appointing Sally as CEO. Consider these secrets of success personal learning tools for starting a biz or refer to them as DerrickISMS.

25:20     Michael Troiani

Owner of the family-operated company Troiani Group, Michael Troiani dishes family togetherness and building in Pittsburgh while expanding his pride and joy of Papa J’s Ristorante. Focused on Italian-heritage food, you’ll be craving specialty pork and rotisserie chicken with fresh pasta to go.

38:23    Jamal Etienne-Harrigan

Jamal Harrigan aka Uncle Jammy’s is the mastermind of unique flavors of sauces and rubs in Pittsburgh. From starting his passion while at Penn State, to now finding his line in Giant Eagle, learn more about his BBQ game.

54:40    The Tim Vitullo Band

Tim Vitullo and Kat from the TVB talk all things instrumental, inspirations, and eclectic genre of Americana music while promoting their next show at Hardrock Café on February 18. Their newest album, “Running Out of Time” is available everywhere now!

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